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I've been using BSD in general and FreeBSD current in special now for 3 years and I'm using plasma 20.12. Whatever, in my widget page there was no "stripenboek" (comic widget --- 'some dutch for you'), so I got the package at github amongst others. I mkdir'd a /usr/local/share/plasma/plasmoid/org.kde.plasma.comic/

and copied the content of the package mith the metafile into it.

With right click "add new widget..." it shows up, but I cannot double click it or drag'n drop it to the workspace; simply nothing happens.

As a Garfield enthusiast I'd have a laughter every day in the morning when having breakfast normally and it is a essential thing in Plasma for me.

Has anyone an idea what is wrong here?

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'some dutch for you'
That would be "stripboek", not "stripen" (that's not a Dutch word) :D

It gets installed with x11-toolkits/plasma5-kdeplasma-addons:
% pkg which /usr/local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.comic/metadata.desktop
/usr/local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.comic/metadata.desktop was installed by package plasma5-kdeplasma-addons-5.20.3