Solved 13-STABLE net/gitup obtain source tree /usr/src/

Hello Brothers!

What a great 5 years it has been since I joined you! Now,
I installed 13.0-STABLE because i like that the end of life is 2026.

I did not (silly me) install the source tree from the installer. I heard SVN has retired, so using net/gitup i would like to get the source tree cloned to /usr/src/.

Usually a quick google search turns up the magic command, found nothing (must be still new)
I tried winging it, but I cannot even guess how to do it.

How to clone the ST to /usr/src?

I need it to build the drm-fbsd13-kmod so that I can finally radeon the console. (which fails to build btw!)

Thank you!
it only offers me stable 12,

gitup stable
To retrieve a copy of freebsd-ports at commit

gitup ports -w 0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef01234567

what exacly do you edit here to give 13-Stable?
I changed one digit (12->13) in the conf and it seems like it getting brach: stable/13

lets see what happens o_O👀