10.2 dead slow with Samba on 2 different systems

In the past, I've installed Samba 3.6 under various versions of FreeBSD, and Windows machines connected and ran about as promptly and briskly as I expected.

This time, after installing 10.2 on 2 very different systems (an A1SRM-2558F with 16GB and inbuilt Intel gigabit NICs, and an older Gigabyte board with a Phenom II 6-cpu chip, 32GB, and an add-on Intel NIC gigabit card), just the connection itself to Samba 3.6 takes a minute or more. Another system, still happily running 9.2, takes the usual instant, so it's not Samba's fault.

Has anyone else experienced this, or am I just lucky?
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I'm guessing (I don't plan on checking) that they changed the code even in 3.6, and thereby broke it.

Because my machines are dev machines with nobody using them but me, I created a share [all] with path / so I can make changes easily.

But, I found that I couldn't do more than ls / No access to anything below /

log level = 2
, I tail(1)'d /samba.log and discovered that samba thinks /usr is a symlink outside the share rooted at /.

To fix it requires 3 lines, the 3rd one potentially dangerous if other people have access via samba:

follow symlinks  = yes
wide links  = yes
allow insecure wide links = yes

Once those lines were in, and samba restarted, it all worked like a charm.

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