1. C

    Solved ZFS Permissions Problem with zxfer (zfs receive)

    I've had really good luck so far running zxfer as root, backing up to a removable drive on the same machine, but now I'm trying it as a regular user, backing up to a different machine over ssh, and it's no longer going so well. I'm trying to follow the man page and the pull example in Advanced...
  2. Petr Fischer

    Solved zxfer subcalls of "zfs get props..." become slow in long run

    Hello, I am using zxfer to replicate/backup ZFS snapshots (created by zfSnap) to the backup server. zxfer calls this commands internally (read dataset properties): zfs get -Ho property,value,source all zroot zfs get -Hpo property,value,source all zusbbackup/backups/pf-server/zroot ...same...