1. aragats

    ZFS How to use "gpart" on devices created on ZFS with "volmode=dev"?

    Most likely I'm missing something obvious, I thought this should be straight forward: # zfs create -V256G -o volmode=dev zroot/ubuntu # gpart create -s gpt /dev/zvol/zroot/ubuntu # gpart: arg0 'zvol/zroot/ubuntu': Invalid argument Then I used sysutils/gdisk, successfully created the...
  2. M

    Solved Use available space in pool for another pool

    Solved. Thank you guys. Couldn't have done it without your help.
  3. Alain De Vos

    Encrypting a zfs zvol device with gbde

    Why would you encrypt a zfs zvol device with gbde ? Because you can, and it is easy. 1.You stay away from system,boot&root partitions so you don't have boot problems. 2. Most private data is relative small. And fits in one directory with subdirectories. Note : zfs allows encryption by itself but...
  4. Avery Freeman

    Other ctl HA vs HAST for vSphere SAN - are both necessary?

    Hi, I'm looking at setting up a storage area network for ESXi/vSphere, and I've been looking at all my options. One thing I came across recently while looking at HAST was that ctl itself has its own HA functionality. From ctl: +o Support for multiple ports, initiators, targets and...
  5. I

    ZFS Zvol for Esxi

    Hi All, I have a pool as Raid10 with 10 TB capacity, I want present a zvol for Esxi as Datastore, what is your opinion about: 1. I create a zvol with 10TB or 2. I create two or many zvol with different capacity and present them to Esxi? very thanks for your helps,
  6. I

    Solved Thin or Thick Zvol

    Hi All, I want create a zvol for DB Host , can you help me for below question,Please? 1. what is different between Thin and reserve Zvol, in get to high performance? which is preference for performance and IOPS? very thanks,
  7. B

    Bhyve use zvol...

    FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE as host, create win7 guest, use zvol. When dividing partition, or alfter that, bhyve crash. Assertion failed: (n >= 2 && n <= BLOCKIF_IOV_MAX + 2), function pci_vtblk_proc, file /usr/src/usr.sbin/bhyve/pci_virtio_block.c, line 218. fbuf frame buffer base: 0xa42e00000 [sz...
  8. pming

    ZFS Permanent errors in ZVOL / ZFS checksum error question

    Hello everyone, * It's me again * Today I have the following problem: I recently created a ZVOL to use it as a disk for a Windows VM with bhyve. It worked fine for a few days until some software reported I/O problems with that "disk". admin@server:~ % sudo zpool status -v tank Passwort...
  9. pming

    FYI: Veeam Endpoint Backup Service failed to start (Solution)

    Hello everyone Over the course of the last week I tried to install Veeam Endpoint Backup (or rather Veeam Agent for Windows) on a Windows Server 2016 bhyve VM. I let vm-bhyve auto-create a disk for the VM. After installing Windows and installing Veeam Agent for Windows, the SQL Service and the...
  10. dch

    ZFS geli encrypted nested zpool

    hey, I set this up last week it seems to work but whether it's actually a good idea or not ... in particular I wonder if I should have disabled the cache on the nested zpool rather than the parent zvol, and whether I actually need to unmount the nested zpool to snapshot and sync. It would be...
  11. M

    UFS Random UFS fsck errors in zvol-backed bhyve VM

    Hi all This is the first time I could not resolve an issue by checking the information that is somewhere in forums or handbooks, so I really hope for your help on this: I have a hardware machine that runs release 11p6. The filesystem is ZFS on two SSDs in mirror mode. On this machine I have 4...
  12. C

    ZFS zvol iSCSI: what functions can I turn off safely?

    I have a server running FreeBSD 10.2 and a iSCSI client running FreeBSD 10.2. The server serves one zvol over iSCSI to the client looking like this: anders@aasennas:~ % zfs get all yoda/iscsi/win1 NAME PROPERTY VALUE SOURCE yoda/iscsi/win1 type volume - yoda/iscsi/win1 creation Sat Sep...