1. sidetone

    Colorize your BSD shell

    Colorize your Csh or Bourne shell. Bourne shells include sh, ksh variants (Korn shells), and zsh. csh is a different kind of shell which uses a different syntax for commands. Environment Environment values can be added to your shell configuration file(s). These variables for Bourne shells can...
  2. ziomario

    "Illegal variable name" error while I'm trying to install and configure Docker on FreeBSD

    Hello. I'm a new FreeBSD user, I'm looking inside the FreeBSD ecosystem for the tools that usually I use in Linux. At the moment I'm trying to install and configure docker and I found this tutorial : https://linuxhint.com/install-docker-freebsd/ and I've followed up until the end. Everything...
  3. z3R0

    FreeBSD 12 zsh config not generated on install

    Hi, I installed zsh on FreeBSD 12 but it doesn’t run the usual script that generates that default config files (.zshrc .zshenv .zprofile etc...) This is a clean install (no previous config files) I’ve tried installing from ports with make as well as using pkg. How can I generate the config...
  4. D

    Shell Share your .zshrc file

    I like the way how tcsh works, but it is outdated a little bit (only 1 update since 2012), also some nice features are available in zsh, like suggesting flags and other completions for cli and not only cli apps… But some of its features are distracting and annoying IMHO. I didn't find any...