1. timka

    Solved Upgraded to Freebsd 13.0 and messed up ZFS root partition

    I just upgraded my machine to v13.0 without any major issues. I then decided to upgrade existing ZFS pools. Reading the handbook, I've noticed that for my zroot pool I have to also update the boot code. I'm using EFI based machine, with zroot on ada0. So, I just run gpart bootcode -p...
  2. S

    Solved Need help on RAID1 modification

    Hello, I have a machine with 4 HDD drives on pre-installed FreeBSD 12.2 with RAID1 for all 4 disks. Now I would like to change RAID configuration into 2 couples of RAID1, ada0 + ada1, and ada2+ada3, to have more disk space. Please advise me, a newbie on FreeBSD, the ways to do that. Thanks!
  3. F

    Solved Deleting ZFS datasets

    I set up a couple of jails and ports trees with iocage and pot and poudriere, which all use zfs. I'm done using these jails and have unmounted and deleted them from the /usr/local/poudriere .etc but in the output of zfs list there are still a great number of datasets beginning in zroot that are...
  4. Dogers

    Solved Swap on ZFS has been disabled after hardware upgrade.

    Greetings to everyone. Here is my problem : I just upgraded my workstation, from AMD FX 6300 to AMD Opteron 6380, everything runs fine on my FreeBSD 12.0 p10, except that my swap completely disappear. It is a real problem since I have only 8GB of ram for now on ZFS. Before I used to have 32GB...
  5. Petr Fischer

    ZFS can't import zroot pool after failed freebsd-update (unresponsive tx->tx state)

    I did freebsd-update from 11.1 to 11.2-RELEASE, but I did not have enough disk space and "freebsd-update install" stage failed (No disk space error) - so my system is screwed. I booted from FreeBSD 11.1 install ISO (LiveCD) and I thought I would rollback the ZFS snapshots on the zroot pool and...
  6. jakob

    Solved missing devices in /dev

    Greetings, I recently set up a "FreeBSD 11.1 release" box. I'm now in the process of switching out a couple of disks in the zpool to bigger ones. When i started this process I noticed that my /dev is pretty much empty (including output of sudo tree /dev below). After fiddling about a bunch i've...