1. GoNeFast_01

    ZFS Zfs Send | Zfs Receive Issues in backup Source/ OS

    All of this is happening on the same Comp/Box. SSD1 (I installed OS) began using the system. zfs import -F -o altroot (nv1 zfs) zfs send -vR zpool export (nv1 zfs) NV1 (I install OS) for backup source. zfs receive -uvF =========================================== When I start the OS in NV1...
  2. Keve

    ZFS zraid3 with LSI MegaRAID SAS 9264-8i

    I planned to purchase a 9211-8i IT for a current project, but then was given a 9264-8i free of charge, so I thought I give that a try. When I turn the computer on, this is how the adapter is shown up amongst the P.O.S.T. messages. LSI MegaRAID SAS-MFI BIOS Version 3.09.00 (Build August 27...