zpool zfs upgrade amd boot

  1. Alain De Vos

    ZFS When is it safe to do a zpool upgrade and when is it not safe ?

    Simple question, isnt ? For the moment i don't dare ... How will it work when i import in void-linux or alpine-linux ? What if I switch from the base zfs kmod to the openzfs kmod ?
  2. timka

    Solved Upgraded to Freebsd 13.0 and messed up ZFS root partition

    I just upgraded my machine to v13.0 without any major issues. I then decided to upgrade existing ZFS pools. Reading the handbook, I've noticed that for my zroot pool I have to also update the boot code. I'm using EFI based machine, with zroot on ada0. So, I just run gpart bootcode -p...
  3. aorchid

    Unable to Upgrade 10.1 -> 10.3, Query ZFS Boot Issue

    Hello, Apologies to start because I am not sure where to post this, nor how to title it. The issue is somewhat involved, but does manifest as an inability to upgrade from 10.1 to 10.3. Using freebsd-update I update my system as per the instructions. When I reboot, it appears that the...