1. J

    C How to use kevent; confused by manpage

    I recently got into using kevent. Reading the manpage (as of FreeBSD 14.0), I'm left with a lot of questions and I didn't find better documentation yet. In particular, the following questions remain unclear to me: What is the purpose of EV_ENABLE and EV_DISABLE (in contrast to deleting an...
  2. Leo L.

    Solved Zombie process : How to effectively track the cause ?

    Hi there, Since two weeks, one of my services (plexmediaserver) fall into zombie mode one or two times every day, forcing me to reboot the server (service plexmediaserver restart doesn't work in that case). Apart Plex, everything's still working fine on the server when Plex crashes. Before...
  3. aragats

    How to get rid of a dead Firefox process?

    It's not a zombie, but I cannot kill it. Initially I quit Firefox, then tried to start it, it reported it's already running, after a while I was able to start it, however, that process remained in STOP state. I tried killing it with no luck, then it was adopted by init after I killed its...