zig lang

  1. Isoux

    ZIG programming language.

    Is there an affinity to use the ZIG programming language for BSD OS development as well as RUST? I'm in the middle of gradually rewriting the system C code of my hobby OS to ZIG code. I'm very happy with the "results" and easy implementation of Zig compilation unit to C/C++ projects...
  2. Alain De Vos

    Using zig-compiler to compile a nim-file or chicken-scheme-file to an executable

    The purpose is to demonstrate that you can use zig to compile a nim-file or chicken-scheme-file to an executable. Start by installing nim,zig,chicken-scheme: pkg install nim pkg install zig pkg install chicken5 Create a file written in nim language named "hello.nim" with contents: echo...
  3. sidetone

    Other Zig lang programming language

    Zig seems like a near ideal combination of C++, D and Rust. Ziglang: works around C has many safety and checking features of Rust syntax is C like and is simpler than C++ and Rust made for portability dependencies are simple: cmake, llvm12, ninja MIT licensed Hopefully lang/zig or something...