1. P

    ZFS ZFS replication tools

    I am implementing a backup solution for a small webserver. So far, the tools I plan to use: - zfSnap - rclone I want to zfs send an archive of the latest webserver snapshots to another HDD, then sync to cloud (rclone). I am missing a replication tool that does: zfs send zroot/webserver@snapshot...
  2. Petr Fischer

    Solved zxfer subcalls of "zfs get props..." become slow in long run

    Hello, I am using zxfer to replicate/backup ZFS snapshots (created by zfSnap) to the backup server. zxfer calls this commands internally (read dataset properties): zfs get -Ho property,value,source all zroot zfs get -Hpo property,value,source all zusbbackup/backups/pf-server/zroot ...same...