zfs snapshot

  1. J

    ZFS Security issues with snapshots for (longer term) backups

    I use ZFS snapshots and mirroring (both on a harddrive that is permanently connected and on harddrives that aren't always connected) as a means of keeping backups of my data. Using the snapshots, I can go back in time if I accidentally delete files or something else happened to my data on the...
  2. Kai Burghardt

    ZFS data subsetting in the form of redaction

    Hi y’all, I am trying to wrap my head around the zfs redact feature (com.delphix:redaction_bookmarks and com.delphix:redacted_datasets zpool-features). I have a bit of troubles following the example in zfs-send, § Redaction. Let me quote the text followed by my interpretation...
  3. Sergei_Shablovsky

    ZFS Complete tool for automated backups to Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure

    Hi FreeBSD Gurus! Please suggest me tool (ready-to-use package with webGUI for tuning and operation, would be perfect) to automate/schedule backup (whole ZFS drive or part of it) on the fly to cloud drive like AWS. Ability to making backup on external mass storage (USB/SATA/FC-connected) would...
  4. fr33bsd

    ZFS Kill Your Pool With Slog

    Hi, on ZoL I removed a slog drive during heavy load (nfs). No problems. Few hours ago, I removed a slog from a freebsd system, I suffered destruction of the pool and stunned system: during the process of receiving an snapshot I removed the slog device of the main pool. No zfs command could be...
  5. M

    ZFS Snapshot rollback question

    Greetings all, let us say that a snapshot of a data-set has been created, e.g. zfs snapshot tank/data-set@today . The snapshot has then been transferred to a different server, e.g., /storage/backup/data-set@today. With zfs rollback storage/backup/data-set@today, the resulting mount-point will...
  6. jdb

    ZFS Best / proper way to backup a zroot pool to antoher pool / drive?

    Hey Guys! :) Whats the best / proper way to backup a zroot pool to antoher pool / drive? My setup: 2x 250GBs SSDs (zroot | mirrored) 1x 500GB HDD (backup drive) My goal: Backup the entire zroot pool to the backup drive in a limited dataset (250GB) and regularly do automatic snapshots...
  7. A

    ZFS The nature of zfs zend | zfs receive

    As far as I understand it zfs send | zfs receive works in the same manner as snapshots, that is storing the differences from the origin dataset in the snapshot (or in this case as a browsable dataset). So if I completely remove the disk from the pool I'm zfs sending from, will the disk pool I...