zfs snapshot management

  1. chrbr

    ZFS ZFS - snapshots and pool versions

    Dear FreeBSD-Community, currently there is a lot of activity related to ZFS. Regarding the versions of FreeBSD there are installations of FreeBSD-12.4 where the well known ZFS is still alive. With FreeBSD-13.x the switch to Open-ZFS has been made. FreeBSD-14.0 adds additional properties or...
  2. malavon

    ZFS Undestroy destroyed ZFS dataset & snapshots

    For some extra context about the story, I'll refer you to my previous thread geom-labels-disappear-after-geli-attaches-to-raw-disk-device.89579. I'm writing this before having searched the webs, because I'm quite certain I'm going to have to write something myself and was hoping that I'm not the...
  3. mtu

    ZFS Looking for a ZFS snapshot management tool

    I've finally got the data backup zpool I've always wanted on my storage server, for my systems to mirror their data into. Now I'm looking for a tool to manage the zfs snapshots of the backup storage for me. It should: create snapshots with meaningful names (e.g. yy-mm-dd-hhmm) on a schedule...
  4. P

    ZFS An alternate snapshot management tool

    Long time ago i was dissatisfied with the existing tools to automatically create and remove snapshots. Suddenly i got the solution, an administrative directory on each dataset containing files to remove the exact snapshot and a sample script selecting which "removals" to execute. See...