zfs send

  1. J

    ZFS ZFS Dataset Size is out of control, ZFS SEND/RECV hangs on random datasets

    I did find this thread that was related but I have snapshots. https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/zfs-dataset-is-occupying-more-space-than-the-actual-data.83901/ A few months ago i had a zfs corruption issue with the server in question and re-partioned. Since then I've been having zfs send |...
  2. Kai Burghardt

    ZFS data subsetting in the form of redaction

    Hi y’all, I am trying to wrap my head around the zfs redact feature (com.delphix:redaction_bookmarks and com.delphix:redacted_datasets zpool-features). I have a bit of troubles following the example in zfs-send, § Redaction. Let me quote the text followed by my interpretation...
  3. F

    ZFS Discrepancy in 'Used' Space on ZFS Volumes Post Send/Receive on Same Server with Different Pool Topologies

    Hey folks, I've stumbled upon a strange issue on my server concerning a discrepancy in 'used' space between two ZFS volumes after a ZFS send/receive operation. I transferred data from basia-ssd/vm-118-disk-0 to basia-nvme/vm-118-disk-0. Initially, the source volume basia-ssd/vm-118-disk-0...
  4. GoNeFast_01

    ZFS Zfs Send | Zfs Receive Issues in backup Source/ OS

    All of this is happening on the same Comp/Box. SSD1 (I installed OS) began using the system. zfs import -F -o altroot (nv1 zfs) zfs send -vR zpool export (nv1 zfs) NV1 (I install OS) for backup source. zfs receive -uvF =========================================== When I start the OS in NV1...
  5. ZapDragon

    ZFS Copy a dataset, containing Several Datasets, with Snapshots.

    I have a single dataset that I am trying to move to a ZFS pool. The Dataset itself does not contain data, but more datasets. vault/root 1.62T 8.08T 336K vault/root/ds1 42.8G 8.08T 895M vault/root/ds2 6.65G 8.08T 272M vault/root/ds3 102M 8.08T 102M vault/root/ds4 12.9G...
  6. gpw928

    ZFS Buffering zfs send/receive

    Hi, I am converting the tank on my ZFS server from 5 spindle RAIDZ1 (da0 - da4) to 7 spindle RAIDZ2 (da0 - da6). In order to do that I have to copy all the data out of the tank to temporary storage, re-create the tank in RAIDZ2 format, and copy all the data back again. There's currently about...
  7. P

    ZFS ZFS replication tools

    I am implementing a backup solution for a small webserver. So far, the tools I plan to use: - zfSnap - rclone I want to zfs send an archive of the latest webserver snapshots to another HDD, then sync to cloud (rclone). I am missing a replication tool that does: zfs send zroot/webserver@snapshot...
  8. B

    bhyve centos vm installation "not a correct XFS inode"

    Because of several reasons I must install a centos7 virtual machine on a zfs filesystem on freebsd 11 (It must be centos, there is no other option for that) Furthermore I need to be able to send a ZFS snapshot of the virtual machine to a remote backup system on a regular base. Which means that...
  9. A

    ZFS The nature of zfs zend | zfs receive

    As far as I understand it zfs send | zfs receive works in the same manner as snapshots, that is storing the differences from the origin dataset in the snapshot (or in this case as a browsable dataset). So if I completely remove the disk from the pool I'm zfs sending from, will the disk pool I...