zfs root pool

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    ZFS Can't boot from zroot pool for no apparent reason

    Hello to all, unfortunately I'm facing infamous messages when booting, when I'm trying to recover friend's NAS, which I installed last year. zio_read error: 5 ZFS: i/o error - all block copies unavailable ZFS can't read MOS of pool zroot It seems, it reaches up to stage 2, but gptzfsboot...
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    Solved gptzfsboot error 128 after adding new disks

    I'm running 11.1-RELEASE (I think, will double check when I have access to machine) with zfs as the root system in mirror-0 configuration. There are three SSDs as part of the mirror that were partitioned automatically during installation: each has three partitions labelled gptboot<n>...
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    Solved Replacing root pool mirror drives with larger units

    I have a working FreeBSD (8.2-STABLE) system installed on a ZFS root pool 'root-pool' which is a 2-disk mirror using two 160GB drives: drive1: 160GB gpt/mirror1 drive2: 160GB gpt/mirror2 # zpool status root-pool pool: root-pool state: ONLINE config: NAME STATE...