zfs recovery

  1. iyoti

    ZFS Can disks in a pool be replaced with smaller drives?

    I currently have a system with 12x 5TB 2.5" HDDs. Due to a batch of cheap/faulty SATA cables, one of these drives failed hard (and was replaced), and a couple of the drives are now showing bad sectors. I've replaced the cables and the system is a lot more stable, but since I'll inevitably have...
  2. Avery Freeman

    ZFS Opinion: 2-drive mirror most capable of recovery (?)

    Hi, Are 2-drive mirrors really the easiest pools to recover one can find in the wild? If recovery capability is paramount to all other considerations, should it indefinitely be the best option? I'm asking this question because I recently had a 4-drive z-mirror fail to import, it was reported...
  3. tarkhil

    Solved ZFS recover: is it possible to omit importing one pool?

    Hello I'm working on the broken zpool. All attemps to import, including zpool import -F -T 12855264 -R /mnt -f rpool, resulted in Dec 4 12:56:54 freebsd kernel: Solaris: WARNING: can't open objset 1035, error 5 Dec 4 12:56:54 freebsd ZFS[10143]: pool I/O failure, zpool=rpool error=97 Dec...
  4. A

    ZFS Zpool import failing after server crash

    Hi folks , Recently we had network maintenance where underlying switches connected to the node where rebooted , due to this one of the node in the cluster got cpu panic , crashed and eventually got rebooted.After the reboot we tried to bring up the services and found that we have some problem...