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  1. F

    ZFS Discrepancy in 'Used' Space on ZFS Volumes Post Send/Receive on Same Server with Different Pool Topologies

    Hey folks, I've stumbled upon a strange issue on my server concerning a discrepancy in 'used' space between two ZFS volumes after a ZFS send/receive operation. I transferred data from basia-ssd/vm-118-disk-0 to basia-nvme/vm-118-disk-0. Initially, the source volume basia-ssd/vm-118-disk-0...
  2. D

    Solved Unable to create new ZFS pool with NVMe SSD

    I initially had FreeBSD 13 on a 512 GB NVMe SSD (ZFS root and GELI encryption configured via the installer). Later, I bought two 8 TB hard disk drives. I reinstalled FreeBSD 13 but this time on the two 8 TB HDDs instead of the NVMe SSD. In the installer, I chose ZFS root on the two HDDs (2-disk...
  3. B

    ZFS faulted zfs pool from nowhere

    Hello FreeBSD 12.2 There were 2 pools. zroot on ada0 vdev and zdata on da0 vdev. da0 is a hardware raid. Nobody changed anything in zfs pools configuration. And when ordinary reboot of server I got this view. I don't know how 13003137893086410532 pool appeared with the same name. I can boot...
  4. K

    ZFS pool not found after partition resize with gpart

    Hello, I had the following partition scheme: ada0: ada0p1 freebsd-boot ada0p2 freebsd-swap ada0p3 freebsd-zfs ada0p3 had a size of ~1TB, and after I resized this partition to 500GB using gpart, the boot loader cannot found my zfs pool. What should I do to fix my boot loader and my zfs pool...
  5. M

    Solved Create RAID-Z1 pool in degraded mode?

    Can I create a RAID-Z1 pool consisting of five vdevs (each a physical disk) but using four vdevs (each a physical disk) attached and marking one as missing and then later add that one disk to make the pool online instead of degraded? I'm trying to fit 9 disks into 8 slots, and without a hammer...
  6. Mac_a

    Mount zfs pool on Nanobsd

    I'm new to Nanobsd, built with Feebsd 12 (compile Generic kernel all modules), everything run as expected, now I intend to build a zfs pool, but being a filesystem (ro) it is not possible, I think of a link to /var or /etc., but I'm not sure it would be the ideal way out. I also didn't find...
  7. angelvg

    ZFS Storage Server Huge :-)

    Design of a huge future storage with FreeBSD and ZFS This design is to improve it with your help and recommendations... Thanks in advance for your time and help! I will update this content as design improvements are made...
  8. A

    ZFS Zpool import failing after server crash

    Hi folks , Recently we had network maintenance where underlying switches connected to the node where rebooted , due to this one of the node in the cluster got cpu panic , crashed and eventually got rebooted.After the reboot we tried to bring up the services and found that we have some problem...