zfs memory

  1. M

    Wired memory keeps growing

    Hi, (originally posted in storage because the problem described did not happen prior to using ZFS; no responses so far) I have several FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE systems, kept up to date using freebsd-update and pkg-update. They are running on SuperMicro hardware and AMD processors (6 to 12 core CPUs)...
  2. grep2grok

    ZFS ZFS & memory: 30G wired, only 3796K Active?

    So, I had 4 GB in this machine I set up as a ZFS pool (three 2x mirrors of 6 6TB SATA drives) serving an iSCSI target. I kept eyeing top and it's pretty well stuck at 3700M active and 40M free. I'm transferring 12TB of mission critical data, probably don't want memory to be the choke point, so...