zfs compression

  1. freezr

    ZFS ZFS Compress over GELI, is it recommendable?

    Hi folks, I wonder if I can enable lz4 compression on a mirror over geli. I am concerned that I am going to have quite CPU overhead and therefore poor performance. What do the expert say? Thanks 🙏
  2. M

    Solved To compress or not to compress a virtual disk?

    If the filesystem is ZFS and the host is FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE and I run virtual machines with VirtualBox-OSE, does it make sense to have the dataset in which the virtual drives are compressed or will that result in severe performance drop when new data is written to the disk images?
  3. Nyantastic

    ZFS Does ZFS compression work on single files or globally?

    Does the compression option on ZFS file systems compress each file individually or does it work globally to compress all files using the same encoding? Suppose I have files A, B, and C, and A, B, and C all have similar contents, would ZFS take less space to store them if using compression?