zfs bookmarks

  1. epicure

    FreeBSD13.0: gptzfsboot will not boot from ZFS volume with bookmark_v2 active (fresh install)

    I have (painfully) experienced the following problem and I would welcome the community's feedback before I go crazy: On a newly installed FreeBSD13.0 system, with legacy bios boot and gptzfsboot installed, the system will not boot if the pool has a bookmark created giving error : ZFS...
  2. janprzy

    Solved zpool feature@bookmark_v2 remains 'active' after all bookmarks are destroyed, unbootable system

    My FreeBSD 13.0 machine just failed to boot stating that my zroot has com.datto:bookmark_v2 enabled, which is not supported. I booted a live USB and destroyed all bookmarks. zfs list -t bookmark does not return anything anymore, so I assume they are all actually gone. However, the pool's...