zfs backup

  1. D

    ZFS What is the purpose of daily ZFS backups?

    In /etc/defaults/periodic.conf, there's this part about daily ZFS backups: # 223.backup-zfs daily_backup_zfs_enable="NO" # Backup output from zpool/zfs list daily_backup_zfs_props_enable="NO" # Backup zpool/zfs filesystem properties...
  2. GoNeFast_01

    ZFS Zfs Send | Zfs Receive Issues in backup Source/ OS

    All of this is happening on the same Comp/Box. SSD1 (I installed OS) began using the system. zfs import -F -o altroot (nv1 zfs) zfs send -vR zpool export (nv1 zfs) NV1 (I install OS) for backup source. zfs receive -uvF =========================================== When I start the OS in NV1...
  3. J

    ZFS Create a snapshot of a folder

    I tried to create a partition called Systems with the command zfs create Systems zroot/var/ and I didn't get success
  4. byrnejb

    Solved zfs snapshots of vm zpool?

    I am working with a bhyve vm which is configured to have a zvol as its backing store. Thus: zroot/vm/vhp3k-10 18.3G 4.01T 202K /zroot/vm/vhp3k-10 zroot/vm/vhp3k-10/disk0 18.3G 4.01T 18.0G - The question I have is: What is the...
  5. T

    ZFS ZFS replication - interrupted and resumed - missing snapshots

    I have a strange problem and I am not sure if it is a bug or my fault. (I am using a stock 13.1-RELEASE) When I resume an interrupted zfs transfer, it seems to be missing snapshots. The below script reproduces the problem. It creates a filesystem with some snapshots and replicates it. The...