zfs backup recover directories

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    ZFS zfs snapshot backups

    HI all, Just wondering what the best way to back up snapshots to another driver is? ie: I have a 1tb zpool and 120gig pool for backups. Is it possible to just store the snapshots to the backup pool .. in the event that zpool blows up beyond repair.. I should be able to just reinstall, create...
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    ZFS Recovering a single directory from a zfs snapshot

    Hi, I have a zfs file system that I have been running for 4 years. I take regular snapshots of the data as a backup using the following recipe from https://www.dan.me.uk/blog/2012/08/05/full-system-backups-for-freebsd-systems-using-zfs/ . gpart destroy -F da0 dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/da0...