zfs arc

  1. epopen

    Troubleshoot of "a thread waited too long to allocate a page"

    Hi All. I got a system problem since FreeBSD 13 as follows (Prior 12, I have no impression about the issue). Jan 30 11:22:47 test kernel: [116123] pid 50340 (mysqld), jid 1, uid 88, was killed: a thread waited too long to allocate a page Jan 30 11:22:47 test kernel: [116134] pid 32665...
  2. icecoke

    ZFS ARC max depeding on available ressources

    Hi, we are heavily using FreeBSD 10.0 - 11.0 on our xen based cloud infrastructure. What we almost always experience, is the unneeded high usage of arc ram without manuell changes of vm.kmem_size vm.kmem_size_max vfs.zfs.arc_max vfs.zfs.vdev.cache.size in /boot/loader.conf - (we boot from...
  3. chrbr

    ZFS ZFS tweaking on weak systems

    Dear Community, at some point of time when FreeBSD10.3 was up to date I have tried zfs on root using a mirror of two SSDs and I have been happy with that. The machine I have is not really a performance monster. The first lines of dmesg show Copyright (c) 1992-2017 The FreeBSD Project. Copyright...