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  1. D

    Why doesn't chmod 7 set the delete flags in NFSv4?

    I am trying to learn more about NFSv4 ACLs and their mapping to POSIX ACLs. I was surprised to find that when I issue a chmod on a file with a 7 (e.g. chmod 755 or chmod 777) the resulting NFSv4 ACL does not have the Dd flags set. This is confusing to me, because I am able to delete the file...
  2. Betzi

    ZFS ACL trouble on ZFS with a bit of Samba

    Dear all, I started using ACL´s on ZFS in order to use it in Samba 4.13. Created zroot under FreeBSD 12.2 RELEASE and upgraded to 13 RELEASE with OpenZFS. Switched xattrs from "on" to "sa" initially, but back to "on" after I ran into trouble and read about incompatibilities between the...