1. W

    ssh-agent and .xsession -- unexpected extra process

    Hi! (firstly, apologies if there was a better forum for this -- ssh-agent is part of the base-system but x11/xdm/lxde is not. Secondly, I wrote this while taking a deep dive into the problem, so my writing reflects this) I'm currently setting up a FreeBSD system with a lightweight LXDE/xdm...
  2. AntumDeluge

    Solved Cinnamon: Crashes At Login

    Sorry, wasn't sure if this should go in "X.Org" or "Window Managers" forum. Recently I was trying to get the Logout/Shutdown dialog in Cinnamon to work correctly. After logging out into XDM via the dialog, Cinnamon immediately crashed after trying to log back in. The desktop background...