1. monkeysap

    X error screens not found despite configuring X and having correct drivers freeBSD 14 - RX480 + Ryzen 2200

    Hey everyone, I scoured what feels like a million forum posts and followed the handbook to a T but I'm still running into an error. I was hoping someone here could help me out. I'm guessing it has something to do with the integrated graphics from my CPU tripping up X? I'm not sure, hence me...
  2. wblock@

    mesa-dri 23.1.8 and Radeon 570 and "failed to build shader variant"

    Hello again, all. My desktop system is running 13-stable with a Radeon 570 card, and was working great. Today, I updated ports, including mesa-dri. Now, X starts and appears to work, but with a display so corrupted it is basically just colors and patterns. Like a modulus is way off. The mouse...