1. P

    Missing locale vi_VN.UTF-8

    Hi all, I recently wanted to add a new input method (vietnamese/x-unikey). I tried to set locale to vi_VN.UTF8 in /etc/login.conf. But after reboot I noticed ?s in displayed texts. When I ran locale, I noticed there was no vi_VN.UTF8 on the list. Does FreeBSD not support vietnamese? Thanks.
  2. 53hornet

    Solved X Does Not Detect PS/2 Middle Mouse Button

    Greetings. I have a Dell E6510 laptop that I just upgraded from FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE to 12.2-RELEASE. This laptop has a 2-button touchpad and a 3-button point stick. Prior to the upgrade I had been using a combination of moused (console) and sysmouse (Xorg) to achieve middle button scrolling...