1. sidetone

    Share your NAS FreeBSD based distribution (for FreeBSD users) or NAS service directly on FreeBSD experience

    For FreeBSD users, share your experience of FreeBSD based NAS distributions. In addition, share your experiences using FreeBSD directly for NAS services or for dedicated NAS. Welcome are comparisons of NAS services on FreeBSD to XigmaNAS and past uses of FreeNAS or TrueNAS. Also, share...
  2. M

    jails Unexpected behavior with Jail on Plex

    I am on 13.2 FreeBSD. I use Bastille to create the jail. I used ix1 as my interface. ix0 is the 'LAN' host interface. I can reach the http://<ip>:32400/web interface and configure all that. However, when I play something it doesn't seem to play. From what I gather is that it might be...