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    Solved Cannot launch Xfce for new user

    I created a new user last night and I have Xfce 4.18 installed on FreeBSD 13.2-p4. It works perfectly on my account and has been for the past month. Last night, I went ahead and created a new user for my dad so he could use my computer. Issue is, Xfce (specifically, xfwm) appears to crash. I...
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    Xfce Problems after upgrade from 13.1-RELEASE to 13.2-RELEASE

    Hi, after upgrading, xfce stop working; to be precise xfwm crash. After rebooting it don't start on login and creates a xfwm.core file in ~/. If I delete the directory ~/.config/xfce4 and relogin it start. Any idea what could be the reason?