1. daviddpd

    xen FreeBSD blkfront.c only maps 4 devices from Xen XCP-NG (XenServer)

    So, to my surprise, FreeBSD 13.2 (and most versions, likely) can't map more 4 virtual block devices to a FreeBSD DomU (guest) - despite, not using the emulated drives, but using the PV drivers. (ada0,1,2 ... I believe ada3 is being reserved for the CDROM drive.) Despite these being "ada" ...
  2. V

    FreeBSD 11 under xenserver with more than 7 nics

    Hey, I have a Xenserver 7 with a FreeBSD 11 virtual machine which is working as long as I add less than 7 nics to this specific VM. FYI, I need the number of nics, can't go bare metal, need XEN and can't switch to Esxi or common. When adding the 7th nic (or above) to the FreeBSD 11 VM...