1. sidetone

    libXaw3d port update

    The current Xaw3d in ports is an older and unmaintained version from a Slackware repository. I was able to get the official version from X.org which is newer. # Created: PORTNAME= libXaw3d PORTVERSION= 1.6.3 CATEGORIES= x11-toolkits MAINTAINER= COMMENT= X Athena Widgets 3D...
  2. sidetone

    Athena Widgets/Xaw implementations

    Athena Widgets (Xaw) uses Xt (X toolkit Intrinsics) to interface XCB and Xlib. Xaw is part of Project Athena which has a larger scope beyond graphical widgets. Project Athena was started by MIT, with support from IBM and Digital Equipment Corp. x11-toolkits/neXtaw, x11-toolkits/Xaw3d and...
  3. L

    Xterm Port

    I'm trying to build Xterm with Xaw3d support. Only problem is, there is no "make config" for Xterm where I can set this. Is there any way to pass configure parameters using the ports infrastructure so that I can customize the Xterm build? This would apply to any port that needs to be passed...