1. byrnejb

    Solved ssh between freebsd and linux -- Warning: untrusted X11 forwarding setup failed: xauth key data not generated

    I am connecting to a Bhyve VM running Rocky Linux 8 using ssh without passwords. When I successfully connect I nonetheless get the 'untrusted forwarding' error. I am trying to discover on which end of the connection the problem lies. As I do not have this problem when connecting to FreeBSD...
  2. B

    jails Possible Bug with jexec Usage in Combo with Jails and Firefox

    Ok this is going to be a long one and I REALLY need the mods and smart guys on here to read this, because I think this is a bug, I just don't know with what exactly. I'll try to be as brief as possible but as descriptive as necessary. Description I have a set of GUI jails connected to the...