1. C

    Using w^x and troubleshooting (i.e. vscode)

    I've finally enabled w^x for on 13.1-RELEASE-p1: # sysctl -a |grep wx kern.elf32.allow_wx: 0 kern.elf64.allow_wx: 0 For the usual suspects that struggle with this, I've used elfctl or proccontrol to circumvent the restriction. Unfortunately, I've come across one program that persistently...
  2. matt_k

    rclone not working with W^X

    Hello, I am trying to use W^X on my FreeBSD box. Basically, all the software I use daily either works, or works with elfctl -e +wxneeded, except for rclone. ~> rclone exec_new_vmspace: mapping stack size 0x20000000 prot 0x7 failed mach error 2 errno 13 Abort trap ~> pls sysctl...