write speed

  1. C

    bhyve bhyve I/O performance

    I'm running bhyve vms that show very bad I/O performance and I'm wondering what factors may be causing this? A couple details: I'm testing with a simple dd if=/dev/random of=test bs=1M status=progress and yes, that's not very scientific. Since I'm seeing many factors worse I/O perf than...
  2. fr33bsd

    ZFS SLOG device with no performance effect?

    Greetings, I have a sort of backup server for snapshots. This server is only dedicated to receive snapshots. There is no NFS/FTP/.... . During a transfer of a snapshot using netcat I added a slog NVMe ssd to the backup pool. I was hoping to see even a tiny speed boost, but there was none. I...
  3. Isaac Monteiro

    USB I/O very slow

    Hi, I downloaded an 2,7 GB ISO image and copied to a pen drive formatted as ext2. The copying progress started with a write speed of 3 MB/s and went slower and slower and ended with a write speed of 627 KB/s. The copy process took me 47 minutes and I decided to test the write speed of Debian...