1. blind0ne

    How to capture with wireshark from not root

    Hi, tying to run wireshark, but have this errors: root@ihorr:~ # sudo wireshark 12:27:47.009 Main Warn could not connect to display 12:27:47.009 Main Info Could not load the Qt platform plugin "xcb" in "" even though it was found. Abort Is it possible to run wireshark from simple...
  2. aXi

    CARP analyse in Wireshark

    Hello, Having some trouble with CARP on vmware ESXi I made network carptures with tcpdump. Here is the advertisement Wireshark interpert as VRRP: My configuration in rc.conf is: ifconfig_em0="inet netmask" ifconfig_em0_alias0="vhid 25 pass ToRTHYSTRac alias...
  3. D

    Wireshark 2.0.3 fails to build in FreeBSD 10.1

    In trying to build net/wireshark I get the following error during make: It appears grammar.c is not being made by the lemon tool. Anyone got a suggestion here?? Making all in dfilter gmake[5]: Entering directory '/usr/ports/net/wireshark/work/wireshark-2.0.3/epan/dfilter' LEMON grammar.c...
  4. gladiola

    Solved Trouble with compiling openjpeg15 from ports

    I sent an email to the port maintainer. I read over the Makefile. It mostly set variables. I didn't see how it associated with the error I was receiving. Last Makefile revision calls back to a website with a tld for Poland. The port maintainer is mailing from here. No graphics/openjpeg15...
  5. U

    Install Wireshark on PFSense

    Hello , I have installed PFSense on my Server and now I want to install wireshark on PFSense for which I need to Install two Packages namely xauth.tbz & wireshark.tbz. I followed the below approach to install the above mentioned packages , But not able to install it ...