wireless networking

  1. hakova

    Trying to get Dell DW 1801 work with FreeBSD 13.0-Stable

    Dear all, Did anybody have good luck getting this wireless laptop adapter recognized and work with FreeBSD? If so, which driver needs to be used? I had bad luck with ath (random try), bwi and bwn drivers. I believe this is the network adapter in Dell Inspiron 3000 series laptops. Currently...
  2. 0

    Cannot get ndisgen to make driver for RTL8821AE

    I have a lenovo all in one pc that has the Real Tek 8821AE wireless card. I have gone on the manufacturers website and downloaded the .sys and .inf files for ndisgen, and when I run the program to create the module i get all the way to the point where it says: Generating Makefile... done...