wireless connection

  1. usernamekiran

    How to configure killer wireless-ac 1535?

    Hello. I have a wireless card which is shown as "killer wireless-n/a/ac ac 1535" in device manager of windows 10. I read through handbook, and searched online (including this forum), but results were not much helpful. How do I do it? I am using FreeBSD 11.1, and XFCE. Thanks a lot in...
  2. James Inness

    Connection via Wi-Fi

    I have chosen to use a wireless connector for my machine. Is there a way to connect to my Wi-Fi without having to use an Ethernet cable? If this is a duplicate, could you please link me to the original? Thanks, James.
  3. leeand00

    Sabrent PCI-802N Ralink Card Configures fine, ssid not being detected

    The wireless card I'm using is a Sabrent PCI-802N Ralink RT3062F PBG26220E0 I tested the card in Linux and was able to connect another access point and retrieve webpages; in Linux it used the rt2800pci driver; though I didn't set it up as an AP. autoboot_delay="3" if_ral_load="YES"...
  4. A

    Wireless connection AR928X on FreeBSD 10.1

    I am not happy with the Connection part in the script bellow (starting at line 180). Deeply appreciate help with connecting the Wireless Device after bringing down the network. This is very useful for replicating errors if any while installing versions of FreeBSD on the same machine. The target...