1. S

    Help Needed to wipe a cellphone and/or a tablet with FreeBSD

    Ok so here's the thing.: I'm trying to purify/wipe cellphones and tablets in a safe and secure manner by using any app/program/port made for wiping HDDs and SSDs. Right now, I've tried using BCwipe to wipe the device "ugen0.2" (which is the phone I want to wipe) but it keeps resulting in an I/O...
  2. MMacD

    Solved Zeroing out a disc in prep for warranty exchange

    The new disc is now integrated in place of the failed one, and I now need to zero out the failed one before I exchange it. Trying to mount the drive in my workstation box failed, which at first surprised me. But I supposed it was because it used to be part of a zfs mirror. So I gpart deleted...