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    Czech (UTF-8) characters in console OR scp

    Hallo, I need copy files from server shared via Samba to Windows environment via scp. When I see these files from Windows (Samba) I see all czech charasters with diacritics. But in the console and after using scp I see corrupted file names. Any help ho to solve this? FreeBSD 10.3. Thanks for all...
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    Cannot get SFTP work in FreeBSD 12.4 Jails

    Hi, I am new to this forum. In FreeBSD 12.3 Jail, I can easily to activate SSH server my the following command: sysrc sshd_enable=YES && \ service sshd start After that, I import my public key to user and I can use SSH / SFTP to connect to the Jail. However, in FreeBSD 12.4, my steps can only...