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    Advices to make back-up folder, FreeBSD and Windows NT 4.9 Server

    Hello wise people of FreeBSD comunity, First, settings, I have a FreeBSD 10.3 machine working as a personal server (cloud => nextcloud, media sharing => plex ...) with ZFS 3 TB in mirroring. Then, I have a 1.5 TB HDD that I plug on my router and that giving me a folder shared across the...
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    Windows NT Server (Kernel) vs FreeBSD Server (Kernel)

    I would like to know which OS has a more advanced kernel. And can you explain why in layman's terms ? I know "Windows" is influenced by the mach kernel with parts of the VMS kernel. I.E. which kernel can address more CPU sockets, which can handle more RAM (1TB of RAM ?). Thanks, Rob