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  1. P

    hyper-v Virtualization: HyperV ifconfig output throws error then setting to autoselect

    Error seen in 13.0 and 13.1: root@share-bare13:~ # ifconfig hn0 media autoselect ifconfig: SIOCSIFMEDIA (media): Operation not supported root@share-bare13:~ This issue was not seen in BSD 10.4: bsd-10.4# ifconfig hn0 media autoselect bsd-10.4# I have raised a bug for this issue: 264253 I...
  2. grep2grok

    Anyone run Windows Server in a VM?

    Hi, I recently set up a 16TB ZFS iSCSI NAS system for a friend, but we really don't need all the CPU and RAM (we don't really need high-speed storage: not a lot of users, big files that you load once, work on it, save, pull the next). What we do need is more CPU for the .NET app, which is only...