1. grahamperrin

    The FreeBSD server at

    <> offers an invitation (to join) that requires acceptance every time: The context menu for the FreeBSD server does not offer a link to the server: Before I add this to the wiki, a question for people who are already members: does the link...
  2. Buck

    Reviving old threads?

    Can someone explain to me why answering with a solution (or adding a useful info) in an old thread is considered universally bad? I usually look for answers on search engines, naturally forum threads on various sites turn up. So I'm essentially treating the threads as QA pages, if a relevant...
  3. bout3

    Upload my laptop spec, to freeBSD laptop page.

    Hey, I wanted to add my laptop spec to to help somebody to save a little time maybe. i've made dmesg and laptop template in raw text. The question is how can I upload it, or who should I send it to?
  4. A

    Wiki captcha is broken

    I can't sign up because the captcha states that its offline
  5. rigoletto@

    Solved WIKI: WantedPorts

    Hello! What are the rules, or where I can find them, to add a software to the WantedPorts WIKI page. I would like to add polybar if allowed to. I tried to port it but it seem to need a higher knowledge and abilities than I have. The problems, and some (possible) solutions are already pointed...
  6. F

    Post your FreeBSD setup/build?

    I was thinking.. since I've just finished my FreeBSD/ZFS NAS build - wouldn't it be nice to have a thread on this forum somewhere where people can post their setup, and the way they've built their setup, and the problems they've encountered during the build, hardware components used etc. etc...