1. S

    can't update

    Hello, I have installed release FreeBSD 12.1 on vmware but I can't update or install app on my FreeBSD 12. It show me permission denied. Please help me
  2. Nicola Mingotti

    Solved Sudden mouse movement change page in Web browsers

    Dear friends, I just installed FreeBSD 11.2 in a VirtualBox virtual machine, Windows 10 Host (new workplace => new computer) If I move the mouse switfly Up/Down or also Left/Right the browser change page and go back/farward in history. This happens with both browser Firefox and Chrome...
  3. T

    What are the Powers of the Wheel User?

    There is no clear information in the Manual about the powers of the Wheel User. Other than the ability to execute the ‘su’ Command for logging in as Superuser without logging out, I can’t detect any special powers. Are there any? Additionally, why does the ‘adduser’ Command in V11.3 no longer...
  4. R

    Solved ssh: why i cannot use Public key with users not in wheel group ?

    Hi, I try to use a ssh connection with Public Key (ECDSA) In client: I create a private/public key ssh-keygen -t ecdsa i choose filename: id_ecdsa_toto In remote server: IP:AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD I create a new user: toto. toto is not in wheel group. I add my public key id_ecdsa_toto.pub in...
  5. G

    When adding user account, cannot add member to group wheel or anything else

    Hello Forum, I think I may have enabled too many security features that prevent me from adding any user account to groups wheel and others during the installation. I am not sure of how to get these back to not enabled post-installation. At least enabling the superuser account privilege for a...