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    mosquitto and websockets disconnect after initial packets

    On trying to connect to a mosquitto broker running on FreeBSD, I see the connection established, the expected GET / HTTP/1.1 request followed by the expected HTTP/1.1 101 Switching Protocols response. However after that point, the connection gets shut down. This is seen with configuration of...
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    Where to get websocket fix for ARM 32 version?

    I use on Raspberry Pi. It works great. However I have one annoying problem. I use TJWS web server. It works great as well. However websocket connections get dropped when the server port 80. These is no problem as this for other ports, for example 8080. TJWS works normal on port 80, only...
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    IPFW Is IPFW capable of filtering WebSockets flood?

    Is there a way to block WebSocket traffic on IPFW without blocking https traffic with the same destination and port? How to distinguish websockets from https?