1. justrjlewis

    Solved rc.d script for caddy server - not quite working

    I followed the tutorial for practical rc.d scripting to enable caddy web server on my DO FreeBSD 10.2 droplet. It's very simple, which is probably why it's not quite working as expected. So let me start by posting my questions, then I'll show my code. The pre-commit check list says: 2.Does...
  2. W

    Best practices to deal with multiple users on Apache and Pure-FTP

    Hey guys, whats the best way to setup apache24 for multiple users? My goal: Enable WebDav with 3 groups: Private (Only domain owner access) Group (Domain owner set a group for share documents between other people) Public (Global access by WebDav - like public ftp) Enable Pure-FTP (using...
  3. Itproman

    Solved FAMP -Info.php not decoding

    I followed this tutorial I found doing a search for FAMP and all is well, except for info.php. 1) www/apache24: "It works!" (sysutils/webmin sees it (after directory path...