1. Voltaire

    Why are there no open source browsers using Webkit as the core engine?

    Something I've always noticed is that Safari is really fast in JavaScript. According to reliable data, the browsers using WebKit as the main engine are faster in JavaScript than the browsers based on Blink and Gecko. Chromium is currently only 5.9% faster in Speedometer 2.0 than Firefox. Both...
  2. aragats

    Why there is no armv7 package for webkit2-gtk3?

    Running FreeBSD 13-RELEASE in a BeagleBone Black. I don't see a package for www/webkit2-gtk3. Are there known problems regarding this? Thanks for advises!
  3. D-FENS

    eclipse is broken

    Hi, I have noticed for some time that the java/eclipse 4.6 is broken due to expiring dependencies (webkit-gtk2 and webkit-gtk3). Is there a hope for a newer version, or will the port expire end of April 2019? I found a bugzilla ticket with an updated port for eclipse 4.11 and I am currently...