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  1. P

    FreeNAS to FreeBSD, backups

    Hello, I have used FreeNAS for a number of years, mainly as a remote media server. I know this is bad practice, but I have never really done backups of any kind... Now, I need to setup a public web server that will hold user data. I have already created a FreeBSD jail (FAMP stack) on my...
  2. P

    Solved systemd alternative on FreeBSD

    I am currently using systemd for managing web applications (mainly written in GoLang and Ruby) as services on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 and CentOS 7) and I am trying to port my web server configuration over to FreeBSD. My code runs fine on FreeBSD but I am not sure of how to manage the web application...
  3. M

    Xwiki in a jail

    Jails have confused me. My ultimate goal is to setup xwiki in a jail (after installing tomcat and MySQL). I have sucessfully created the jail with: iocage create tag=xwiki ip4_addr="ue0| started it: iocage start xwiki and accessed it: iocage console xwiki Now the output of ifconfig...
  4. scrappywan

    FreeBSD VPS Jailed Web Servers Network Isolation

    I have a VPS on Digitalocean which I used mfsbsd to reinstall FreeBSD with ZFS/zroot with PF as my firewall. My plan with this VPS is to run wordpress, a static site and owncloud each in their own jails. Currently, I use nginx on the host machine running as a reverse proxy, intercepting https...