1. del

    Solved Building a networking lab with FreeBSD 13 in VirtualBox; virtual LAN unable to ping

    I'm trying to build a multi-router setup in VirtualBox using FreeBSD machines as the routers. I have two VMs, router-1 and router-2, which are on the same subnet and are able to ping one another. router-1 has a bridge interface with the host machine and is able to ping the wider internet. It...
  2. pela0

    bhyve VM-BHYVE no WAN access

    Hi guys, I'm setting a new bhyve server, which is working flawlessly except for one machine not having access to internet, I can't figure out why...I'm using vm-bhyve for quite a while now with no problems at all.... I just can't understand why it's not working... I have some VMs working fine...
  3. T

    PF pf keeping state for lan to wan traffic.

    Hello, Sorry if the title is confusing. My question is when configuring pf I discovered two ways to achieve routing my traffic through my FreeBSD router using pf. The first rule set is as follows. ext_if="em1" int_if="em0" set skip on lo set block-policy drop nat on $ext_if from any to any...