1. Pierre-Marie Baty

    Shell Here's a way to be informed about updates at login

    Hello all, Allow me to share some useful scriptlet with you. It's something I find has been lacking for years for the average self-hosted FreeBSD user like me who occasionally logs in to his server to check if everything's going well, perform package upgrades etc, and wants to stay up to date...
  2. sidetone

    Perl5 vulnerability

    All versions of Perl5 have been vulnerable since Thursday, but then the prevention from installing it was ignored in the portstree and packages. It is required for x-11/xorg, (any version of) LLVM and most other packages. How much of a vulnerability is it? perl 5-5.20.3_13 is vulnerable: perl...
  3. sidetone

    Solved Package vulnerability vuxml warning on desktop startup

    I kind of have an idea for how to make a popup for when a vulnerability is presented. For the root crontab I have @reboot pkg audit -F @hourly pkg audit -F I can use pkg audit as a non-root user to find the alert, but this doesn't alert me automatically when it becomes present. Next, I found...